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►  Children easily ‘pressing your buttons’?

►  Feeling ignored as a parent?

►  Stressed in your family life?

I’ve met so many incredible parents that feel this way, each with their unique story and set of circumstances. They all have different backgrounds and both positive and negative influences. No two families are ever the same.

But the common thread I’ve noticed is how critical and harsh most parents are about themselves.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you want to break this cycle, read on, because you’re in the right place …

If you love your family, but sometimes find family life stressful, this course is definitely for you!

But parenting courses just make me feel like I’m doing something wrong!

You may have had a bad experience of parenting courses in the past and the idea of being told how to parent fills you with dread.

I feel the same way!

Let me reassure you … I’m not interested in telling people how they should parent.  But I am excited to help parents discover their strengths, grow in confidence and enjoy their family life.

Believe me … that CAN be you!

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It’s time to take back your family for the future!

The Heart of this Course

Many parenting courses focus on learning parenting skills to help manage behaviour. These skills are really helpful – they’ve certainly helped ‘my’ family – but addressing behaviour management alone can ignore deeper needs of families. To equip our families, we need to invest in our children’s future by focusing on their well-being … and our own. Your Family Your Way will help you with this different but effective approach.

In the Same Boat

Regardless of status, education or gender, every parent will have times when they feel overwhelmed, tired or worse, that they have failed in some aspect of their role. When this happens to you, it is easy to get caught up in cycles that sap your energy and your confidence. My desire is to see you develop a healthy perspective through Your Family Your Way, enabling you to celebrate who you are and to fully enjoy your family.

Building Family Culture

In any given situation, there will be factors that are out of your control. ‘Success’ is not so dependent on how well your children behave in specific circumstances, but more so on the ‘culture’ you develop in your family. Intentionally creating an environment with Your Family Your Way can encourage healthy relationships and equip family members to make positive choices that have far-reaching impact on the whole family.

Freedom to be You

Have you ever celebrated just how unique your family is? Creating a strong family identity gives your children an environment to take risks and permission to make mistakes. Your Family Your Way enables you to release your family into all they can be, at the same time as tackling the daily challenges you face in modern family life.

All in Your Own Timing

Your Family Your Way enables you to make choices that are best for your family, whilst maintaining a view of the bigger picture, beyond their childhood. There are five fantastic modules, with 15+ videos and a range of resources for you to access on demand, from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device.

Get Immediate Access To Online Course: Your Family Your Way

Unleash Your Potential

Reveal the strengths and gifts you already have and learn how to utilise them best in your own family.

Create Your Own Story

Discover more about yourself and your family as you celebrate the unique qualities in each family member.

Hidden Treasure

Release the incredible resource of hidden gems in your family unit and explore just how valuable they are.

Invest in your family for the rest of your lives together!


✔ 5 Modules
✔ 15+ Module Videos
✔ 5 Skills Activations
✔ 15 Worksheets
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Get Immediate Access To Online Course: Your Family Your Way

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